Couples issues are a result of individual issues. Therefore, it is important that both members of a couple be engaged in their own therapeutic process for couple's therapy to be effective. Couples can get better by improving how each individual handles his/her own issues and how they respond to the others' issues. Ultimately, couple's work is a journey that includes becoming more authentic with one another, improving self-responsibility and personal integrity for one's own needs and wants, and developing an effective partnership that supports individual and common goals.  

I will discuss with you the format that couples treatment can take. It is common that one partner leads the way into therapy and expresses the need for change. In some cases, one individual begins therapy first, and then adds couples therapy. In other instances, both partners begin therapy together. I work alone or with a co-therapist in treating couples experiencing difficulties in many areas of their relationship, including communication, anger, parenting, cross-cultural issues, expatriation/ moves, work-life balance, infidelity, and sexual intimacy.