Between 1994 to 2010, I worked for the World Bank, the UNHCR and international NGOs. I am well acquainted with the challenges of high stress professions. I have experienced first hand the challenge of maintaining a positive work-life balance while traveling, nurturing a couple and a family, and fighting burn out. As a Senior Social Scientist and team leader, I sought out additional training in group dynamics and leadership. I served on staff at leadership and organizational conferences in the Tavistock tradition.

Research has shown that one’s relationship to work often mirrors relational patterns in one’s family of origin. In addition, the roles you naturally take on at work were shaped by your history in your family of origin. While adaptive in your childhood, these same roles, habits and tendencies may not be the most effective or satisfying at work today. I enjoy helping clients with setting healthy boundaries, developing an empowering leadership style, addressing competition and authority issues, and professional self-actualization.

I currently serve as a consultant to the Konterra Group, a consulting firm whose mission is to promote the mental health and resilience of staff in the field of international development — such as USAID, large US NGOs and consulting firms. I provide short-term stress management and resilience consultations as well as longer-term therapeutic services.