Therapy is a place where you will feel safe and respected.  It is a place for you to figure out how you can get more of what you want in life and relationships. It is a place where you can figure out what you can do to learn to thrive. During your time, you will talk about what is important to you and I will let you know how it is to be with you because the therapeutic relationship is often a good window into how you do relationships in general — and how you commonly think and feel about yourself and others.

I will support you in clarifying how you feel about your life, your relationships and your goals. I will sometimes challenge you to identify more effective ways to express yourself and behave in light of your needs and wants.  In my opinion,  your symptoms and diagnoses are signals that you are not where you want to be. Your pain is like a red-engine light that goes off when the car is overheating. It is not the culprit of your discomfort - it is meant to call attention to an imbalance in your life. I will help you imagine and create a more joyful and balanced life, in which your symptoms will no longer be center-stage.